A scaleable, flexible and relocatable alternative.

The GECO creates an inspiring work environment, that can adapt to your growing business needs. Offering clients the choice of both open plan and closed office work space, GECO is the ideal solution for businesses of any size.

A temporary or permanent solution

Geco offers beautifully designed and aesthetically pleasing offices, providing work from home opportunities or a means of earning an extra income by renting out the space. Clients with long term building projects who need short term, interim, offices now have a upmarket solution, enabling them to work comfortably whilst they waiting for their permanent buildings.

Providing temporary or permanent office space, our simple building process ensures minimal disruption to existing business operations.

Buildings can be classified as temporary structures avoiding time consuming zoning procedures before they can be used. In addition units can be dismantled and relocated to new position/site, providing a continued return on investment.

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Email: Nikki@GecoModular.co.za

The Construction of the GECO is far less obtrusive than traditional building methods. It does not require large machinery to erect and has limited foundations.