Balancing the beauty of the outdoors with the comforts of home.

The GECO Home is designed to enhance the experience of your environment. As a modular unit, it is scaleable, providing unlimited configurations and home designs.

Tailored to your unique tastes

Choose from one of our existing designs or work with our architect to design a home that suites your unique site and tastes. Need additional income? Why not add a garden cottage to your property and rent out the space? The use of insulated wall panels and ceilings result in low energy requirements, saving precious resources. The unit can also be built to incorporate solar power and rainwater harvesting, further decreasing its footprint and reliance on the grid. The high quality materials used in the GECO construction process result in an exclusive, modern home.

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The Construction of the GECO is far less obtrusive than traditional building methods. It does not require large machinery to erect and has limited foundations.